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Vendor Information

The following is an outline of set up requirements and other guidelines for vendors.

  • Set up may begin as early as 8 am on April 22, 2023.  You will need to check in at the Rotary Tent to get your space assignment.  Set up needs to be completed by 10:30 am and no tear down can start until the close of the festival at 4pm.

  • Parking is available in the field next to the festival site.  All vendors need to unload and move their vehicles to the parking area before the festival starts.  The South side of the festival area is a No Parking zone, and anyone parking there other than to unload vehicles may be subject to towing by the management of Winthrop.   The North and East sides are blocked off and are used for the festival.  You will be allowed entry ONLY to unload your vehicle before and to re-load after the festival times.

  • Electricity is available, and you must request to use power with your initial application so you can be placed near the outlets.  You are responsible for providing your own electric cords, which must be outdoor rated and a minimum of 50’. You must be able to secure all electrical cords so that no one will trip on them.

  • The Rotary does NOT provide tents, tables or chairs for vendors.  These are your responsibility.  The Rotary rents tables and chairs for seating for the visitors to the festival.  These are not to be used by vendors.

  • Vendors are NOT permitted to give out or sell food or beverages without the express permission of the Crawfish Festival Committee.  This includes giving out bottled water.

  • Vendors are permitted to do door prize give away at their booth.  You must get a name and phone number on your entries, as we will not make winner announcements from the stage.

  • The Rotary Club of FishHawk Riverview is going to be giving away raffle prizes for all of the patrons that visit a certain number of vendor booths.  If you wish to have your booth take part in the raffle, you will need to email a copy of your logo to Christopher Jones at by no later than April 15, 2023.  All vendors that wish to participate will have their logo displayed on the card.  As patrons visit the various vendors, the vendor will then stamp or mark the patron’s card to reflect that the patron visited that vendor’s booth.
    Vendor Cost         $100.00 for a 10 x 10 space.

  Food Vendor


  • Food vendors must remit a refundable cancellation fee in the amount of $50.00.  Upon arrival at the Festival, the cancellation fee will be refunded to the Vendor. 

  • Should the Vendor not show at the event, the cancellation fee will not be refunded and will be considered a donation to the Rotary Club of FishHawk-Riverview.

  • Vendors will receive a free booth space in exchange for a 30/70 split of all money collected on the day of the festival.

  • Food MUST be provided for the entire length of the festival.   All food vendors are required to use and accept only “Crawfish Cash.”  When arriving at the location of the event, please go to the Rotary Tent to check in.  Upon checking in, the vendor will be directed to their spot and the Rotary Club will provide the food vendors $250.00 in “Crawfish Cash” as a beginning bank.

  •  At the end of the event, all food vendors must go to the accounting table and turn in all of their “Crawfish Cash.”  Once the initial $250.00 bank is subtracted out, any remaining funds will be split with 30% going to the Rotary Club and the remaining 70% to the vendor. 

  • The Vendor understands and agrees that at no point will they accept cash or credit cards before, during, or after the Crawfish Festival.

  • The Vendor agrees that they will only sell food items that have been approved by the Rotary Club of FishHawk- Riverview.

        Food Vendor Reservation - $50.00

  Children's Area Vendor

​​    Activities can include games, contests and arts and crafts.   Activities MUST be provided for the entire length of the festival.             The Children’s Area Application will NOT be accepted until the booth space fee has been remitted
 Fee of $25.00 is non-refundable.


       Vendor's Application


By signing below, Vendor acknowledges receiving a copy of and agrees to abide by the rules and restrictions outlined by the Rotary Club of FishHawk Riverview regarding vendors for this event.  Vendors MUST be set up and ready to greet visitors by 10:30 am and will not begin to tear down their booth in any way until the end time of the event.  Vendors are not permitted to distribute ANY type of food and/or beverage including water without the express written consent of the Event Chair.  Exception requests must be in writing, and will be reviewed by the Crawfish Festival Committee, and the decision of the Committee will be final.  Violation of any of these rules or restrictions will result in your application being denied, or you being asked to remove your set up from the festival grounds without refund. 

  • Please make your check payable to: The Rotary Club of FishHawk-Riverview

  • Return this form by April 1, 2022 along with payment to: The Rotary Club of FishHawk-Riverview,
    c/o Joe Nichols, PO Box 2567, Riverview, FL 33568

  • If you have questions regarding the business exhibits, please contact:,                       

ph. 813-362-6828, or Christopher Jones, e-mail:, ph. 813-267-0107.

  • There is limited space available.  You must provide your own table, chairs, and canopy/tent and electrical cords. 

  • For more information about the event, please visit our website:


  *Payment  Online Available!

      Vendor Space $100.00
      Food Vendor Space - Reserve a Spot. (See Document for details) $50.00

      Children's Area Vendor - Reserve a Spot - $25.00


Vendor Registration
Select Vendor Space Desired
Deborah Amlaw - 813-362-6828
Christopher Jones - - 813-267-0107 

Thanks for submitting!

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